Berkshire Media Group

At Berkshire Media Group we are passionate about communication and the local communities in which we live, work, learn, bring up our families and spend our leisure time.

We know that through communication we can give a voice to people who feel that no-one is listening, spread good news and shine a light on groups so that everyone can see the good work they do.

It cannot always be only good news that we report on, but our intention is that when someone finishes reading any of our newspapers, they feel positive about the place where they have decided to make their home or their career, that they have discovered something that they did not know and feel inspired to get involved.

Our readers are people who are active members of their local and wider communities, who want to stand up and be counted and contribute to the debate.

They are people who believe things can be better and are prepared to work towards making that happen.

They are members of local clubs and they know that everyone's opinion deserves being listened to and they respect and value other people's cultures and beliefs.

These people give their time and energy to help people who are worse off than themselves and who know that by working together as a team we can change lives and protect our environment.

We and our families live, work, learn and play alongside our readers and we are proud to represent our communities.

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